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It was 1986...

The denominated Musical Competition "Gargano" is always developed in the City of Sannicandro Garganico (FG) or for logistic demands in the outskirtses, and it was born on initiative of the M Michele Gioiosa, already since then teacher in the Conservatories of Music of Matera and Rodi Garganico (FG) and Foggia.
In the two preceding years, however, there has been the National Competition of Accordion that has seen the share of numerous accordionists of Italy. In these two years the Jury have been Emanuele Spantaconi, Luigi La Porta, Sergio Scappini, Matteo Prencipe and Anthonio Lombardozzi; the guest of honor was Peppino Principe that is exhibited together with the winners of the Competition arousing enthusiasm in the performers and in the public.
In April 1986 it is born so the 1 National Competition Young Musicians that numerous young musicians of Italy that arrived on the Gargano to make music already counted.
So that then, this important musical appointment annually, develops him that has been the first one in the province of Foggia and one of the few existing in the Region Puglia.